BeautiPHIcation – Facial Beauty Analysis in Vancouver

Beauty is in the “Phi” of the Beholder

What is Facial Attractiveness?

Facial beauty goes beyond wrinkles and furrows. Extensive research has shown that people all over the world have similar subjective ideas about what constitutes an attractive face. Following the beliefs of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, the ancient Greeks maintained that there is a mathematical basis to beauty. True facial beauty is characterized by a divine proportion in geometry called the Golden Ratio (Phi) that naturally arouses the visual senses to an emotional level of pleasure, evoking in the perceiver a high degree of attraction. Picture-perfect facial proportions can be measured through the use of a golden mean calliper – a tool for dynamically measuring the Phi ratio.

Golden Ratio 1.618


How to Determine/Calculate Facial Beauty

youth and beauty

The Triangle of Youth (inverted triangle) in the image serves to assess facial attractiveness based on symmetry, balance and harmony of the following features:

1)      Facial shape (chin, cheeks and symmetry)
2)      Forehead height
3)      Eyebrow shape
4)      Eye size & Inter-Eye Distance
5)      Nose shape
6)      Lips
7)      Skin Clarity/Texture/Color

Changes in Beauty with Aging

As people age the Triangle of Youth reverts when skin loses its youthfulness due to prolonged sun exposure, as well as other environmental and biological stressors.  The aging face becomes less symmetrical over time when experiencing deterioration, deflation, and descent as fat volumes under the skin shift, resulting in a less beautiful face. While cosmetic efforts cannot stop the aging process, face and body augmentation can help individuals to achieve their beauty goals and restore their youthfulness by correcting the visible signs of aging.

What is BeautiPHIcation?

BeautiPHIcation involves an extensive consultation, analysis and evaluation of facial beauty using scientific principles like PHI and the Golden Ratio. First there is a discussion about your beauty goals and expectations. Following this the doctor will use a golden mean calliper to take precise measurements of your face. Our experienced board-certified physicians then use those measurements and ratios to assess your facial proportions and create a personalized plan to help you put your best face forward. The plan is designed with a comprehensive approach using select procedures to restore volume, smooth contours, and enhance features subtly and naturally with the goal of improving aesthetic quality and proportions. Once the treatment plan is created the procedures if you choose to proceed you can have confidence that the procedures you selected will be administered by experienced physicians to ensure you have the best clinical and aesthetic outcomes.

Popular Rejuvenation Options for Aging Skin

From Botox, injectable dermal fillers, and chemical peels to medical grade skin care products or even surgical techniques, False Creek Healthcare’s rejuvenation and plastic surgery department offers both surgical and non-surgical skin, face, and body enhancements to combat noticeable signs of aging and damage to the skin. The recent availability of a variety of safe contouring fillers has provided cosmetic physicians with new options and tools to make cosmetic changes practically painlessly.

Beauty Analysis by Facial region

Each 1/3 of the face has different properties such as lines, volume/contour, and features that define its beauty profile.

Upper Third


  • Skin envelope of a beautiful forehead should be smooth and even in tone and texture, and have very few lines (if any).
  • Even fat distribution over the entire length of the brow that obscures the supraorbital rim.
  • 12 – 14 degrees off of vertical
  • Temple contour volume should be flat to slightly concave, not convex

The Aesthetic Eyebrow & Eyes

  • Distance between medial brows equals inter-eye distance
  • The peak of the brow =  inter-eye distance
  • Tail of brow higher than medial end
  • Fullness along its entire length which is essential under the lateral brow

Middle Third


  • Cheekbones of a beautiful face should be high, and checked to see if it measures to the ideal Phi proportions.

Lower Third

  • Width of the mouth should be about 1.618  times the width of the bottom of the nose

Why choose False Creek Healthcare for Beauty Analysis?

Here at our modern patient-centred facility, our cosmetics team understands that to achieve optimal results requires a comprehensive approach that aims to enhance features subtly and naturally. It is essential that injection specialists have substantial medical experience, and a deep, well-cultivated understanding of the science & math that lies behind human perception of aesthetic beauty.

Next Steps:

If you are ready to discuss your cosmetic needs with our board certified plastic surgeons, request a BeautiPHIcation consultation today. During your consultation your patient care adviser will discuss:

  • Medical History
  • Previous Aesthetic Treatments: likes, dislikes, reactions
  • Medications (esp. immunosuppressants, blood thinners)
  • Educate and possibly change focus from mono-focus of line-chasing to global plan for facial enhancement
  • Discussion of how the products work, how long they last, aftercare, possible adverse events (AEs), the treatment plan, costs
  • Establish reasonable expectations (Underpromise – Overdeliver)
  • Proper photographic documentation (standardize)