Obagi Blue Peel in Vancouver

Discover beautiful, healthy-looking skin with an Obagi® chemical peel

The Obagi Blue Peel® is a facial chemical peel designed to help accelerate the transformation to beautiful, healthier-looking skin. It’s an in-office treatment available at our Vancouver clinic.  This safe and effective chemical peel mixes Obagi’s patented Blue Base with Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) – revealing younger, healthier-looking skin one layer at a time.

During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your skin condition, in conjunction with your cosmetic goals, to determine both the strength of the peel and how many treatments are recommended.

What happens during an Obagi Blue Peel?

During an initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your skin in order to determine both the strength of the peel and how many treatments you may require.

The Obagi Blue Peel is then applied to the face and neck. You will experience some mild heat and a stinging sensation that typically lasts just a few minutes. Your treated skin may also adopt a bluish tint, but this coloration will normally wash off within 12-24 hours. The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

You will also experience some light swelling, depending on the strength and depth of the treatment, and your skin will begin to peel within 2-3 days. After 7-10 days, your skin should be healed and your complexion will be visibly improved.

Obagi Blue Peel Results

Obagi products penetrate the skin to stimulate cell renewal and build collagen. They’re an effective way to achieve a softer, more radiant-looking complexion, while increasing the skin’s environmental tolerance. Obagi products can also correct blemishes and surface discoloration. The results you can achieve with Obagi skin care products will vary considerably based on your age, skin type, product regimen, and consistency of use.

Patients who undergo an Obagi Blue Peel can expect their skin to heal after 7-10 days, revealing a visibly improved complexion. You’ll continue to see improvements and refinements throughout the following 4-6 weeks. The Obagi Blue Peel will also help to inhibit future skin damage for natural, long-lasting results.

Why experience Obagi Blue Peel at False Creek Healthcare?

Our renowned plastic surgeons have also used proven chemical peels such as the Obagi Blue Peel to help patients achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Each and every one of our surgeons has years of experience and a commitment to excellence. Our modern facility and patient-centered philosophy will ensure you have a rewarding experience at every turn. Let us help you regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to explore your skin care goals with our experienced professionals, request a consultation today. During your consultation, your patient care advisor will discuss:

• Your aesthetic goals
• Treatment plan
• Potential risks and complications