Chemical Peel in Vancouver

Smooth, healthy skin can contribute to you feeling vibrant, youthful, and attractive. Chemical peel treatments are designed to diminish blemishes and revitalize your skin. Regular treatments can help to correct skin pigmentation, mild sun damage, wrinkles and acne, providing you with skin that feels smoother and healthier.

False Creek Healthcare’s skincare professionals are experienced with a variety of chemical peel treatments, including the Vitalize and TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) peels, and will determine the right treatment for your specific skin type. Chemical Peels in conjunction with skincare products are an excellent way to maintain the results of a surgical or non-surgical treatment.

Chemical Peels

TCA Peel

A medium-depth peel formulation, TCA peels minimize the effects of sun-damaged, dry or flaky skin, keratosis (thick skin patches), age spots and dark spots. Shedding the outer layer of skin can also improve acne and blackheads. Learn more about TCA peels.

Vitalize® Peel – Retinol Peel

Vitalize® & Retinol peels are clinically proven to fade pigmentation problems (such as age spots and freckles) by stimulating collagen production in the cells beneath the skin. The Vitalize Peel offers predictable results that are noticeable after just one treatment. Learn more about Vitalize Peel and Retinol Peel.

Obagi Blue Peel® – Melasma Peel

Obagi Blue Base is mixed with Trichloracetic Acid to improve texture and tone, in a strength customized specifically for your skin. The Obagi Blue Peel® is effective for treating discolored skin due to pigment changes (melasma). Learn more about Obagi Blue Peel.

Hetter Peel®

Increase collagen regeneration to create thicker, smoother skin with longer-lasting results. Hetter peels are particularly effective for minimizing fine lines and loose, wrinkled skin around the eyes. Learn more about Hetter Peel.

About the Treatment

The chemical solution is applied directly to your skin and is removed after a period of time dependent on the treatment chosen for your skin type. The depth of the exfoliation and strength of the solution also depends on the type of chemical peel used in the treatment.

Upon application, the solution produces a separation and peeling of the outer layers of the skin. This stimulates the production of fresh skin underneath. Most patients experience a mildly warm to hot sensation, which can last up to ten minutes and is often followed by a stinging sensation.

Your Results

Over time, chemical peel treatments can train the skin to function differently. Regular treatment can address chronic problems, smooth away wrinkles, and keep skin healthier with fewer dead skin cells, more uniform pigmentation, and healthy natural oil production. Acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions will fade to reveal the healthy, natural glow underneath.