Face & Neck Lift

A face lift can reduce visible signs of aging and help you achieve a sleeker, more youthful appearance

Face and Neck lifts are some of the most effective ways to reduce the signs of aging and to improve your facial appearance. If you want to remove the effects of gravity, sun exposure, and daily stress, and look great at any age, a good face or neck lift may be the answer.

As people age deep creases can form between the nose and mouth, the jaw line grows slack and jowly, and folds and fatty deposits appear around the neck. While a face lift, or rhytidectomy, can’t stop the aging process, it can work to reverse the most visible signs by removing excess fat, tightening muscles, and re-draping the skin of your face and neck.

To ensure the results you want, our plastic surgeons will assess your skin quality, hairline, hairstyle and bone structure to determine the approach that is best for you. A face lift can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

Before FaceliftA facelift can improve the deep cheek folds, jowls, and loose, sagging skin around the neck that come with age.
 After FaceliftAfter surgery, you’ll present a fresher, more youthful face to the world.

Choose False Creek Healthcare Centre with confidence

Face and neck lifts have been successfully performed at our state of the art Vancouver facility by our team of renowned plastic surgeons for over a decade. Each and every one of our surgeons has years of experience and excellence performing rhytidectomy procedures. Our pre and post operative care is exceptional, and combined with our patient centred philosophy will provide you with a positive and rewarding experience. We will help you regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire.

About the Procedure

There are several different types of face and neck lift surgeries, each with their own unique benefits and risks. The type of facial rejuvenation surgery that is best for you depends on your objectives, the specific features of your face and skin, and the degree of sagging in the neck and jowl area. Our facial plastic surgeons use a wide variety of techniques to achieve your facial rejuvenation objectives.

During your face lift surgery, bleeding spots will be cauterized to reduce bruising and swelling, making for an easier recovery. Some minor liposuction may also be performed during the procedure to sharpen the definition of the neck.

Facelift1. Incisions usually begin above the hairline at the temples,follow the natural line in front of the ear, curve behind the earlobe into the crease behind the ear, and into or along the lower scalp.
Facelift2. Facial, neck tissue and muscle may be separated; fat may be trimmed or suctioned and underlying muscle may be tightened.
Facelift3. Most of the scars will be hidden within your hair and in the normal creases of your skin.
Facelift4. After deep tissues are tightened, the excess skin is pulled up and back, trimmed and sutured into place.

What to expect during recovery

You will experience swelling and bruising during the first seven to fourteen days. However, the discomfort is minimal and easily controlled with medication. Your bandages will be removed at the Surgical Centre in a day or two after surgery. Sutures are removed, often in stages to minimize scarring, within seven days. You will be able to return to work and social activities within 2-3 weeks.

Your New Look

A face lift will sharpen your jaw line enhancing the definition of the neck angle and reducing the appearance of any “double chins”. The volume and elevation of your cheeks will also be improved. The middle and lower part of your face and neck will have a smoother, more youthful and natural contour – you will not suffer the “wind-tunnel” look often associated with face lifts.

Final results are usually evident in six to eight weeks with continued improvement for up to six months. After that, the aging process continues. Your lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure and genetics all play a role in determining the extent and longevity of your results.

Next Steps

If you are ready to discuss your cosmetic surgery needs with our board certified plastic surgeons, request a consultation today. During your consultation your patient care adviser will discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • Incision techniques
  • Potential risks and complications