The Advantages of a More Youthful Vagina

The main advantage of vaginal tightening and toning is to restore the body’s sex organ to the youthful and healthy state of earlier years. Unfortunately, many women tend to neglect or fail to realize there are procedures designed to help tone and maintain health of the vagina, including exercises and surgical procedures.

Certainly, a woman’s sexual health is affected by many variables including emotion, psychological, past relationships, life experiences, overall health, and most importantly, the vigor of the relationship with her partner. However, if a woman feels her vagina is loose or relaxed her sexual health may be significantly affected. A well-toned vagina may contribute to a greater sense of sexual sensation and satisfaction and this can affect a woman’s overall quality of life in many ways.

Excerpt from Vaginal Rejuvenation by Dr. Roy Jackson MD

Designer VaginaDr. Jackson is Canada’s leading vaginal rejuvenation specialist, and a member of False Creek Healthcare Centre’s Surgical Centre. Vaginal Rejuvenation explores the topic of women’s sexuality, and women’s right to sexual emancipation. If a man’s need for sexual rehabilitation was never placed under social scrutiny, why should a woman’s?

Included in this book are straightforward descriptions of what cosmetic vaginal surgeries are available, how to speak to your doctor about sexual rehabilitation, and information on what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Are you interested in Cosmetic Gynecology? Request a consultation with Dr. Jackson.

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