Achieving Beautiful Breasts

It’s important that you and your plastic surgeon have an understanding of what you want to look like.

Choosing Breast Implants37-year-old Rachel Benson* sits in the waiting room, anxiously waiting for her appointment with Dr. Rai. This is her first breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Rai, and her third consultation overall from different plastic surgeons in Vancouver.

As she is admitted into the consultation room, Rachel pulls out a notebook. She has 2 pages of notes detailing breast implant brands, fillers, textures, shapes and even implant placements. Rachel shows Dr. Rai her notes and asks his opinion, “Gel-filled Natrelle 110 or the Siltex Round Moderate Profile?”

Deciding on the right breast implants for your body can be overwhelming. With the wealth of information and advice available, it’s common to meet women like Rachel Benson. Web savvy women, who have done their research, but do not realize how important it is to communicate their ideal of beautiful breasts to their plastic surgeon. Beauty is in fact very subjective. Before deciding on size, volume and even type of implants, first define what you want to look like. Your desired appearance is what you want to focus on communicating to your plastic surgeon.

Find a plastic surgeon that will listen rather than just give you their opinion. Bring photographs and magazine clippings to help communicate what you want your breasts to look like. It’s not uncommon for patients to bring magazine clippings of their favorite celebrity’s breasts, don’t be shy about bringing your own images! Our plastic surgeons will also have before and after photos that you can look through.

Once you are confident that you and your plastic surgeon understand your goals, then you can begin the discussion about breast implant options. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during your consultation:

  • Volume: The size and width of an implant. The correct volume for your body is based on existing breast tissue, your body type and frame.
  • Filler: There are 2 FDA approved fillers. This is a personal choice that will depend on you and your plastic surgeon. Read Saline or Silicone.
  • Shell Options: There are 2 options, textured or smooth. Smooth implants, being softer and able to move more freely, is the more popular choice. Textured implants help the implants maintain proper vertical alignment. This is another decision that should be decided with the help of your plastic surgeon.
  • Implant Placement: You can have your implants placed above or below the muscle. Your plastic surgeon will decide the best placement based on your goals and your breast type.

Rachel Benson has already met with three plastic surgeons. Her first two surgeons had provided her with opposing breast implant options, which left her more confused than ever. Rachel once again went back to the Internet, this time not to research for breast implant brands, but to look at pictures of women whom she wanted to look like. 6 months later, we followed up with Rachel to see how she was doing. She had fully recovered and is completely happy with the decisions that she and Dr. Rai had made, “I am thrilled, I never expected that I could look this good. It was thanks to Ashley (patient care coordinator) that I was able to figure out what I wanted to look like. And of course Dr. Rai for delivering my ideas.”

If you would like more information about breast implants and the surgical procedure, please visit our Breast Implants webpage, or contact us to book your consultation.

*Patient name has been changed for privacy.

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