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Plastic Surgery is not simply about physical appearance. It is about the desire for a better quality of life, and feeling comfortable in your own body. How we feel about ourselves strongly impacts our lives. Positive distinctions in physical appearance can result in enhanced self-esteem and a boost in confidence.

In our society, the body aesthetic is becoming increasingly important for men and women alike, and cosmetic surgery provides a viable means of achieving greater attractiveness. Anyone considering plastic or cosmetic surgery knows how difficult it is to find a surgeon with the skill and experience you can trust. Canadian and American Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Canada’s renowned False Creek Healthcare Centre have been successfully providing individuals from around the world with the best in plastic surgery care and outcomes.

Choose False Creek Healthcare Centre with confidence

The Plastic Surgery Centre and Medical Spa at False Creek Healthcare continue to be a pioneer in Plastic Surgery in Canada – one of the many reasons why a large number of Vancouver’s most renowned Plastic Surgeons have formed our team of specialists.

What sets the False Creek Healthcare Centre apart from other facilities is our pursuit of the highest level of care, privacy, comfort, safety, and surgical outcome for our patients. Over the years, we have established ourselves and built a solid reputation as one of Canada’s leading Plastic Surgery facilities, a State of the Art Centre where people come to fulfill their desire for a better self.